Condo Association & HOA Defense Kit. How to Protect & Defend Your Rights.


“I’ve carried your book around with me like a bible, I’ve read it three times. I marked it up and even took it to the hair dresser. You are such a blessing. If I could reach through the phone and kiss you, I would. I love your book.”

Homeowners Defense Kit

This 3 Volume Set Includes:

Defend Your Condo & Homeowner Association Rights
by Dr. Joyce Starr

Creating & Revoking Condo (HOA) Documents
by Dr. David Goldenberg

Condo Board Election Gorilla Tactics
by Valmore Lucier


  • How to deal with an abusive condo association board or HOA board;
  • How to fight condo association and HOA harassment and intimidation.
  • How to recognize and stop condo and HOA commandos, bullies and dictators;
  • How to stop abuse of your money;
  • How to ensure fair board elections and recalls;
  • What some boards and their attorneys are willing to do to stay in power.
  • How to stop enforcement actions, including fines and liens;
  • How to understand and revise association documents;
  • How to deal with arbitrary home owner association rules;
  • Insider secrets on arbitration, law suits…and much more.

Paperback Versions: The Condo & HOA Defense Kit for $47 and + $7.00/shipping.


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“Excellent, Informative and Instructional. In Defend Your Condo & Homeowner Rights, Dr. Joyce Starr describes the punitive and abusive nature of runaway condo and HOA boards (how they run away with your rights!) and precisely what to do about it. Her book provided an island of sanity and confirmation that I was not alone, nor was I imagining that I was surrounded by shark-infested condo waters. Dr. Starr describes in amazing detail how corrupt, unfair and vengeful these little people with big power can be if left unchecked and unchallenged. She also explains how checking and challenging them can unleash their ‘how dare you challenge my power’ furry. Her book is packed with example after example of how condo and HOA members can defend themselves and fight for their rights in troubled homeowner waters.” – Gary Hoch, Atlanta

“Defend Your Condo & Homeowner Rights was a Godsend to me. I was living in a man-made hell when I found this book. I live in a condo that has been dominated by the same group of people for over twenty years, they thought our building was their exclusive and personal club. Through the use of the knowledge gained in this book I/we have begun to reverse that group’s influence and have begun to change the complexion of the Board in general. I have recommended this book to many residents in my building and would suggest it to any condo owner. I was so impressed with the knowledge gained that I personally met with Dr. Starr to express my appreciation. If you own a condo or belong to a homeowner’s association- you owe it to yourself. Buy this book.” – Osborne McLellan

“I sent for Defend Your Condo & Homeowner Rights amidst a condo war in my own building. The book was extremely helpful with loads of tips and techniques on how to address BOD’s abuses effectively (rather than just being upset). This was the only book I could find that was not legal jargon, but practical advice. Dr. Starr provides solid advice on how to fight condo commandos unfortunately present in every condominium association today. She gives you specifics on how to best approach the Board – how to defend your position (and your pocket) the right way. – Sylvia Quintana

“This is a great book. There is very little of practical value written anywhere on this subject. And having lived through a similar situation, I wish I had known about this book a lot sooner. For anyone who is battling their condo or HOA or plans to, I highly recommend this book. It is a great starting point for beginners and a useful reference and refresher for those of us who are battle weary veterans. – Daniel Campano

“Thank God you are on the planet helping people take back their lives. They throw the book of legalese at you, and they buffalo you into thinking that they have all the rules. I can finally breathe. Thank God you’re in my universe.” – Mary Donald, Minnesota

“Thank you so much for your help Joyce. With your excellent guidance, I was awarded the $5,000 deductible my HOA attempted to charge me for on a common area water damage claim. A large reward from such a small investment to obtain your expertise. Your advice and guidance was exactly what I needed to prepare for my interactions with the HOA. The $75 fee for services you charged would have cost me hundreds of dollars elsewhere. And your response time has been phenomenal! I was going in the wrong direction until I spoke with you. Thank you for helping me understand my role in all of this and the direction I have to take.”

“Your consultation was the best Christmas present I’ve had and the best money spent. Our HOA Manager sent me a letter demanding nearly $5000 for water damage clean up. This is the first condo that I purchased. You’ve been God’s blessing to me and my family. You have given us hope. Nobody care’s any more, but you do.” –Guy W., California

“This book helps every condo owner or HOA member understand the true reality of condo and HOA living.” – Florida State Representative Julio Robaina

“A riveting work that condo and HOA owners everywhere will identify with. – Jan Bergemann, Cyber Citizens for Justice

“I am so moved by your unwavering, although painstaking “trial by fire” triumphs – that you did not back down. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences in a very enlightening read. Your book “should be made into a movie!” – Joan A., Florida

“You are to be commended for your courage, caring and commitment.” – Valmore Lucier, Florida’s First Condo Election Monitor.

“Thank-you for your wonderful contributions to this issue.” – Attorney Barry Boca

Paperback Versions: The Condo & HOA Defense Kit for $47 and + $7.00/shipping.


PDF Format: The Defense Kit eBook Edition for $30.00. We will email your download link. Please provide a valid email address.